I began working out at the age of 13 in an effort to improve my self esteem from an otherwise overpowering bully. What I initially sought was simply a mode of self-improvement. But what I found was life changing, having instantly fallen in love with the realization that our bodies are one of the very few things we have control over in our lives. The answer to me it seemed was so obviously indicative of the question: Why doesn't everyone do this? I understood even at that young age that just like a car needs regular maintenance in order to run efficiently, so too does the human body.

My interest in working out, clean eating and the human body and its unique potential resulted in a national bodybuilding win at the age of 19. Around this time I was approached about working with fellow gym-goers in order to achieve their own physique goals and have since then, always considered it a privilege helping others with their unique wants and needs.


Having worked for corporate gym chains on both coasts, it was then that I decided the best way to reach a mass audience and do it under the guidelines and structure that I practice to this day and personally believe in myself, was to work for myself in the capacity of trainer.

Having trained many thousands of hours and worked with hundreds of people, I am a results oriented trainer, concerned less with paperwork and more about the in the trenches actual work. I believe personal training is about putting a spotlight on your clients, listening, instructing and bettering the practitioner. I believe in needing to know the answers to two main questions, what are your goals and what stands in the way (ailments) from achieving them and then putting in the work.

Personal training is about getting the most out of our time together. Personal training is not about having the trainer on his/her phone or watching the client perform cardio. This can and should be done on your own time.

I believe no two workouts with a trainer should repeat themselves, I believe in variety, keeping tension on the working muscles at hand, all the while educating the client. Personal Training should be dynamic, enthusiastic and above all, beneficial. Keenly aware of the varying needs (both physical and mental) for clients to enlist a trainer, as well as the myriad of options available, foremost on my mind as your trainer is your progress. You and your body are my ultimate endorser and my priority is on over delivering what made you walk through the gym door in the first place. Take action!