re: Transformation!


With the holidays approaching fast, it's time to take action.

My pics are real. No drugs. No photoshop. Just hard work and a plan. Join me.

What exactly does it take to achieve the body transformation you've always dreamed of? Read on.

1. A finish line - a wedding, photoshoot or Bar Mitzvah - you can run toward something when you know what you're running towards

2. Do not look at the big picture - be aware but not obsessed with perfection. Take a step every day, not a leap.

3. Be selfish with your goal but not self-absorbed - to get somewhere you've got to focus. You're allowed to go on a date and stick to the food plan and not feel guilty.

4. Take before pics - because afters are so much fun and pairing them together (as seen in mine above) are the ultimate in satisfaction and achievement

5. Start now - not after the vacation, not after the deadline at work, NOW!

6. Find time - no-one is that busy that they can't workout at some point in a given 24 hour time-period. I work with weights 4 hours per week in total!

7. Beware social media - with its rippling abs year-round. One can leave with a pretty dismal sense of self. Stop comparing you to others and compare you to you.

8.Trust in you - the mirror, your clothes and your eye will tell the truth - be honest with yourself

9. It's okay to not be perfect - missed a meal, missed a workout, had a cheat meal? Okay and then continue back on as best as you can.

10. Action defines character - it's not what you say, it's what you do. I may be posting these before and after pics and tips, but believe me I am putting in work. Are you?

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The Holiday Tips

Hello Friend,

The Holidays are once again upon us.

Here's a quick list of action items to help keep your gains this holiday season.

1. Mondays are a continuance not a do-over - keep the momentum going

2. Be regular - get your workouts in each and every week, the days may shift, but the sessions should remain constant

3. Pre-pack small meals and snacks to take with you to work - less temptation to negate your progress

4. Know what you can safely order when dining out - you can get something clean to eat almost anywhere

5. Picture - on your phone or in your kitchen - a visual aid for where you want to take your physique

6. Accountability - tell your friends of your fitness journey and inspire each other

7. Social Media - post your progress pics, but also the tough days for added motivation

8. Schedule a cheat - meal that is, once or twice weekly, not a day but rather a meal or treat

9. Less is more - hours of cardio and training are inferior compared to a well-executed plan short on time but big on results

10. Bring recruits - that new pair of pants, sneakers or music on your iPod at the gym can keep you enthused about those holiday workouts

Become the change that you want to see!

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Yours in fitness,