Workout Secrets for Your Best Body Ever

And so here we are. It’s 2018 and this year, it has perfectly begun on a Monday. The start of not only an all new you, but this time we are aiming for the best you yet. We live in a very fast-paced society today. Whereas things of the past unfolded amidst a metered pace, today we want things sped up, extracted and given to us quickly and expediently. Fear not. This article will deliver just that, offer tips or secrets if you will, to you getting your perfect (for you) body. But remember, you still have to do the work. Or, as I like to say, adhere to the work. For it’s very easy to begin the journey. But will you continue it?

The first secret is cliche in that, there are no secrets. BUT, the thread or spine that I can offer you is need vs. want. Generally speaking, one will go much further in their pursuits when the brain sees what it is going after as an actual need. If you simply must have something, then you will not be stopped. When I need to get myself into top shape, such as when photographing for Complete Physique, I can not be deterred because my goal is to put out my absolute best and thusly help and inspire others.

Secret number two is to have a plan. If you go into a store not knowing what you came for, you may leave with more than your budget can allow. You want to increase your bench press. You want to decrease the circumference of your waist. These are definitive goals. And are keys to being programmed for success.

Know your role - blindly lifting because someone said to may lead to results, but you will not know why something is working or not working. Knowing that the function of your chest is to draw the arm across implies that a movement replicating such movement, like a chest flye, should be a part of your workout.

Know when to floor the pedal. Excessive or very intense cardio can lead to food cravings. Resistance training should be performed intensely (in order to break down the muscle tissue so that it grows back stronger) and cardio moderately (to increase your overall metabolism).

Breathe - so basic, yet we forget sometimes to do it. Inhale on the stretched or lowering portion of an exercise (extension downward of a barbell curl) and exhale on the positive (upward motion of the barbell curl). Proper breathing will not only keep one moving, it will enhance performance, and that means more gains.

Eat ahead - those with the lean and fit bodies generally pack food with them. Sure, one can find a healthier solution in just about any eatery, (and those choices are within Complete Physique) but packing ahead ensures that you know what you are eating.

Less is more and more equals less - while many are over performing cardio already in the 2018, and eating little in the way of calories, 3-4, 30-minute low impact cardio sessions per week will do more to rev up your metabolism than hour long sessions which can often result in excessive eating. Additionally, do not hesitate to eat enough of the right calories in order to support your fat-loss program.

Take imperfect action - you get up, you stumble, you may fall, and then you get up again. It’s the overall journey, not just one perfect day. Have fun, be in the moment and enjoy the process.